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Bishamon Lift Table Truck

  • Body adopts high-tensile steel and painted with powder coating.

  • With a powerful and durable hydraulic system. With a design on the loop of the hydraulic that can produce a cushioning effect to ensure safety.

  • Unique oil passage and structural design, make oil pressure more durable and stronger. Unique oil seal design can prevent leakage and completely sealed.

  • The machine can not be raised when overloaded to protect security of body structure, with overpressure device.

  • Easy to handle and can be operated by aged and female workers with ease.

  • Equipped with high quality PU bogies; when the loaded truck starts, there is a minimum resistance, and it moves around easily and quietly and does not cause damage to the floor.


  • Light and handy, labor saving and durable.

  • Suitable for lifting or cargo handling operations on the production line, mold, machining parts, etc.


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