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High Lift Pallet Truck

  • New and aesthetic handle-design.

  • With facilities that provide lifting, positioning and lowering functions, enabling users to operate in the most appropriate way to give full display to performance.

  • With a powerful and durable system of oil pressure.

  • With a powerful and durable hydraulic system. With a design on the loop of the hydraulic that can produce a cushioning effect, lowering of speed can be adjusted with ease.

  • Lowering of speed can be adjusted with ease and safe to handle.

  • Machining is carried out with CNC machinery so that it is precise and the quality is stable.

  • Light and handy, labor saving and durable.

  • Suitable for lifting or lowering or transporting goods, molds, components on the production line.

  • Combination for the features of pallet truck and high lift pallet truck -- two trucks in one.

  • The product has been obtained patents in many countries.



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